dotfsCMS content management system

The engine of a website. 100% self-developed content management system.

dotfsCMSThe content management system (CMS) is the engine of a webpage. The content you upload as an administrator takes shape through the CMS. The CMS affects the impression your website's visitors get while browsing your page and also how your site ranks in the search engines (SEO). It is also important how simply and how widely you can edit your page.

Main properties of the dotfsCMS content management system:


You can edit about 100% of the text appearing on your website using the dotfsCMS content management system. This way you have full control over what appears on your site.


Editing a web page on the backend of the dotfsCMS content management system.
Editing a web page on the backend of the dotfsCMS content management system.

The speed of a website depends on many factors. The dotfsCMS content management system utilises many solutions that help to make your site faster:

  • Server side caching - Content that is not updated so frequently is stored on the server in the form of whole pages or smaller elements. This drastically decrease the time needed to serve a web page.
  • Lack of third party software packages - Initially dotfsCMS does not contain third party software packages therefore the dead code segments (a consequence of general solutions) do not slow down the web page.
  • Responsive image handling - Optimally delivered images increase the speed of a web site on devices (PC, tablet, phone) with various display sizes.

Responsive image handling

You have the possibility to rescale the uploaded images in order to deliver them optimally for different screen sizes. The dotfsCMS content management system can do the rescaling automatically in many cases but you have the possibility to use different crops of the same image for different screen sizes as well. You can also add a custom watermark to your images.


The content management system is available in multiple languages (English and Hungarian so far) but what is much more important is that it is capable of handling multilingual websites. You have the possibility to create languages in the dotfsCMS content management system. You can also edit all text on the website (not only the very content) according to the given language.

The different language parts of the web site don't need to be mirror images of each other. However you can create the translation of a subpage by a few clicks. The content management system does not translate the content. It only creates a new subpage with the desired language filled with the content to be translated.


The source code is not public. It does not contain a back door. The prerequisite of any modification is a valid login. The code doesn't contain third party packages therefore substantially decreasing the vulnerability. The code contains several elements that increase the security, make potential attacks harder and log the attack attempts.


To help the administrator's work the content management system prefills some fields. In case you forget what a certain field is used for, the integrated help will help you.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

The dotfsCMS content management system contains functions which help you to make your site more search engine friendly. E.g. editing a subpage the content management system alerts you if the title or description you gave is a duplicate.

Easy-to-modify code

There can be two parallel copies of the dotfsCMS content management system on the server. The production copy is optimised for speed and the development copy can be used to implement the new functions or to simply execute a version update.