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Zoltán Bach's astrophotography web page homepage - interactive star map homepage - interactive star map

Zoltán Bach is a Hungarian astrophotographer who approached me with the idea to create an interactive star map to showcase his astrophotographs. What has been done by is the following:

  • Design (including the star map)
  • Programming: content management system (dotfsCMS), star map (from scratch), design implementation

There was a former wordpress website on which was replaced with the dotfsCMS powered site.

The challange on was inevitably the interactive star map. It is based on the HTML5 canvas element and javascript technologies. It uses a filtered version of the Yale Bright Star Catalog and generates the map on the fly using gnomonic projection. The meteors and the scrintillating stars are based on my own observations of the night sky. The foreground is a panorama image taken at Ágasvár by Zoltán Bach and processed by myself. The twilight colors are taken from an African sunset image. The star and astrophoto positions, the constellations, the straight meteor paths and the horizon are all physically correct.