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These pieces of software are the foundations of a website. The unique, custom made solutions come on top of these.

The content management system, the web text editor and the image gallery - all developed in house - are separate products but they are integrated in a website. The aim of these products is to provide You a stable, secure, effective and fast website that will help You lead Your business to success.

dotfsCMSContent Management System

The content management system (CMS) is the engine of a webpage. The content you upload as an administrator takes shape through the CMS. The CMS affects the impression your website's visitors get while browsing your page and also how your site ranks in the search engines (SEO). It is also important how simply and how widely you can edit your page.

The dotfsCMS content management system is:

Editing a subpage on the backend of the dotfsCMS content management system.
Editing a subpage on the backend of the dotfsCMS content management system.
  • Extensive - You can edit almost every part of your page. Your are limited only by the site's design.
  • Fast - It uses server-side caching where possible.
  • Multilingual - You can add languages to in the CMS. Every text can appear in the desired language on the webpage.
  • Helpful - To help the administrator's job the CMS prefills some fields. If you forget what a field stands for the help bubble will help you.
  • Secure - There is no back door. The code is not public. A valid login is a prerequisite to any modification. The code doesn't contain any third party packages thus decresing the vulnerability.

dotfsEditorWeb text editor

Content appearing on the web is substantially different from printed text. Besides an aesthetic look

digiltal content has an inner logical structure.

dotfsEditor web text editor
dotfsEditor web text editor

I created an own web text editor because I wanted to ensure that this inner logical structure is not violated during the editing process. And to make it easier to implement the quickly developing web standards thus making the editor capable of creating more complex content.

The dotfsEditor web text editor is:

  • Based on strict rules - It filteres non-standard text elements. And following the generally accepted principles it doesn't use direct formatting.
  • Capable of live editing certain parts of the web page - You are not forced to use an editor window. Some parts of the web page can be edited directly by clicking into the text.
  • Capable of complex image and table formatting and inserting.

If you wish to learn more about the dotfsEditor web text editor, take a look at the details or browse through the online fsEditor help.

dotfsGalleryImage gallery

Autumn sour cherry tree
Tree in the desert
Statue in front of the Capitol

You have probably heared and also experienced many times that "an image is worth a thousand words". It does matter how the images appear on your website.

Using dotfsGallery image gallery

  • Your images can be enlarged - in the range between displaying the whole image and 100% enlargement.
  • You can join your images into a gallery.
  • Your can add title and description to your images
  • Full screen mode is possible as well.

If you wish to learn more about the dotfsGallery web text editor, take a look at the details or simply click any of the pictures here.